Let Me Introduce Myself

And it begins "Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Kathy Griffin." Kathy takes to twitter to address fashion police, her brand of humor and a culture of unattainable perfectionism. Rather than take away from her words and transcribing the entire tweet, we would encourage you to click here to view it in Kathy's intended format.

You can view the rest of Kathy's tweets live at any time in the right column.

Anderson and Kathy Tradition Continues

Dec 31st marks the 8th time Kathy and Anderson welcome in the new year. Make sure to tune in to what has become a new tradition. What will Kathy do this year? There is only one way to find out. The fun starts at 9pm eastern only on CNN (more info).

"I've given up asking Kathy to watch what she says. There's no point. I'm just hoping for the best." ~~ Anderson
"I'm sorry to report Anderson Cooper will not be my attaché for New Year's Eve this year on CNN. His vulgarity and crossing the line humor has proven to be too much for my virgin ears." ~~ Kathy

Tribute to a Trailblazer and Friend

It's hard to know where to begin with how Joan Rivers changed my life, but I do know I would not be doing what I do if it weren't for Joan.

It starts in my Oak Park, Ill., living room and seeing her on my television, hosting "The Tonight Show": a woman, by herself on a stage, telling jokes and making people laugh. Women could do this?

Stand-up is not a gig in which you say, "It isn't rocket science." It's harder than rocket science. And like rocket science probably was for ages, comedy was not woman's work when Joan was coming up in the 1960s. A woman could know she was funny, but to make a living out of it? At that time, there was Phyllis Diller, Moms Mabley, Totie Fields, and that was about it (continued here)

Kathy's ALS Challenge!

Just when you thought the stars had run out of creative ways to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, along comes Kathy Griffin! The comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, Aug. 29, to discuss her new comedy album and to air her raunchy challenge video.

In the clip, the redheaded star slips out of a pool while wearing sky-high red stiletto heels ("I'm classy lady!"). Griffin accepted the unusual take on the viral challenge from author and financial advisor Suze Orman, and some of her other challengers, Backstreet Boys member A.J. McLean and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, were the ones to dump the freezing water on her head (more and the video).

Making "Majestic" History

Kathy, in cooperation with Bravo, taped her 20th comedy special on Nov. 24 in San Antonio's Majestic Theatre. In addition to her normal peeps, reps from Guinness World Records were to present Kathy with the title for "Most Stand-Up Specials by a Comedian."

Kathy::: "humbled by the honor and can't wait to set the award next to my Schmemmys and forthcoming Grammy Award."

The new special, titled Record Breaker will air on Bravo Wed, Dec 18th at 8pm ET/PT. Bravo's release can be read here.

Six is the Charm: Grammy Win

We are elated to announce that, on try six, Kathy has finally won the elusive Grammy for her latest album "Calm Down Gurrl". Kathy becomes only the third woman ever to receive the Best Comedy Album award, joining Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin.

Kathy took time to thank the real people that got her there: Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and every Lohan on the planet. She could not have done it without you guys. Her complete acceptance is embedded below. (listen to album)

Kathy on 'The View' Changes

Kathy recently sat down with Huffpost Live to go over Barbara Walters retirement from 'The View', her appearance on the show after being banned and her thoughts on it's future. Hint ... she's a comedian, pass it along!

We can't embed so we will direct you here for the video.

Kathy Glee'd Up

Kathy will be appearing on Glee in a role inspired by a certain person from Alaska. Who could that be? View the full story on this here.

In other TV-related news, seems Kathy has been insulting people on her tour stops. No not you Ryan Seacrest. On the heels of her gig on SVU, Kathy is slated to appear on The Defenders as a nightclub comic. Can Jerry O'Connell save her? We don't know, but it will be good television.

Taping Tickets Available Now

Kathy is taping her seasonal BRAVO special once again, this time in Milwaukee. Tickets go on sale for the Riverside show on January 14th. Both listed shows will participate in the event. For tickets please click here. The meet and greet contest also applies for this show, so make sure to enter that as well!

That's a Rap! Filming Ends: Season and Special Ready

And all that remains is the laughter. Season 6 has officially ended production, in what was one of the most varied shoots in series history. The team certainly took a little from last season's celeb focus and also a more from the early crazier days of seasons one through four.

An estate sale with Maggie, a pap smear in public, standing up in D.C. for the rights of our troops. It has been a roller coaster ride. Every episode should be like an entire season in itself.

Update: Season 6's launch date is now official: June 15th!! Bravo will also do a pre-launch event on June 8th when it airs Kathy's new special which was taped in Knoxville just a few days ago.

Battling Books and Season 6

Team Griffin is in absolute overdrive as season 6 launches on Bravo on the 15th. Kathy is hopping from tour to tour, from interview to interview. Tour dates are being added daily, most recently an additional date in Florida and one in PA.

In addition, we have a little book challenge going on. Maggie's new book just launched and Kathy has her new paperback out. Which book will score higher on the stands? And to top that all off, we have a Kathy and Seacrest video for you.

Kathy Calls For Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

After traveling to Irag and Afghanistan to perform for the troops and visiting with injured vets and their families at Walter Reed, Kathy got to meet and know many gay members of our brave military. Their stories are heartbreaking, touching, and need to be heard. They cannot stand up for themselves, so it's time we stand up for them and be their voice.

They put their lives on the line for us every day, all the while risking getting fired, discharged, losing all their benefits and maybe even worse, just for being "found out".

It's time to take on "don't ask, don't tell"!!! Please join Kathy in this effort. Above is footage from a recent rally at Freedom Plaza in DC. The rally will be featured in an upcoming episode of "My Life on the D List."

No Diss From Kathy, Grammy News

Kathy didn't win the Grammy Sunday but apparently one of her old twitter accounts was hacked into, putting up a false message dissing Stephen Colbert.

Kathy wishes Stephen all the best, and posted an update: "OMG, I feel like Miley Cyrus. My old Twitter acct was hacked...I did NOT diss Colbert re Grammys."

Kathy was nominated for a second straight year! Last year her album "For Your Consideration", made totally to grab Grammy attention, lost to George Carlin. This time her surprise holiday album got the nod. The result fails to snap a streak of all male winners dating back to 1986 (the last female to win was Whoopi Goldberg)!

Cut A Bitch Contest Winners

Thanks to all those who entered the Cut A Bitch contest. We appreciate your support of Kathy's new DVD. The official winners were: Christina C out of New York and Ben C out of Wash State. Enjoy your swag.

Kathy finishes Law and Order Shoot

In what has been described as "a humbling experience", Kathy recently finished her shoot for a epecial episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where she will play a lesbian activist. The episode (also featuring Ice-T) is slated to air (subject to change) on Feb 10th. Thanks to Neal B for the great blog work and preview, featured above.

Now You Can Cut a Bitch Too!

Speaking of specials (see above) we are also pleased to announce that Shout! Factory is releasing Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a Bitch on DVD on January 12th.

Kathy's sixth original comedy special for Bravo premiered on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 just prior to Bravo's second annual The A-List Awards. Filmed before a sold-old crowd at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon Kathy dished on Cher, talked about your mom, her Emmys and much more. It is now available for pre-order.

Kathy Tells All on MTV Tantrum

If you missed it, Enimen got a face full of Sacha Baron Cohen (ahem) live on the MTV Movie Awards. All were laughing except Eminem who stormed off of the set (once again live). Kathy has some interesting theories on this: full story. An interesting "tell" may be Enimen's security guards throwing Sasha like a ping-pong ball even after Enimen was out of harms way. A clip of the event is available here.

Prepping to Host the Schmemmys

Keep the wine boxes flowing...My Life On the D-List has been nominated yet again for an Outstanding Reality Program Emmy.

Kathy, a two-time winner of the award, will become the first Emmy-winner to host the Creative Arts Emmys Sept. 12, in a ceremony that will be taped for later broadcast as a two-hour E! special.

Kathy Re-VIEW-ed In September

Kathy, banned repeatedly from The View, will return from exile to co-host in place of Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Sept 18th. Although she is slated to promote her new book, I think we all know that Guinness might need to be called as there has to be a record here.

For an indepth look at Kathy's history on The View check out this Kathy Griffin Wiki page.

Kathy Admittedly Overdressed for Vanguard Award

Kathy was a big winner at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, winning the Vanguard award. But the big award didn't translate to big clothing. She took the stage in a very, very mini-outfit.

Los Angeles and Nokia Live Theatre was treated to a nice blue bikini. Kathy accepted the award from "Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight. Pics are in the snapshot area now. Watch out Teri Hatcher!!!

The Vanguard Award is presented to media professionals who, through a lifetime of work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Kathy is honored to join the ranks of past recipients, who include Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas, Eric McCormack, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli and Whoopi Goldberg.

Season Five: A First Look

Season five of the D-List is almost here and we have some exclusive sneak peaks in a brand new gallery. Among the pictures you will find Kathy in Paris Hilton's clothes, rapper T.I., Susanne Somers, Carol Channing, Mary Manilow, Gloria Estefan, as well as a look at the pre-Grammy party and Kathy's recent star ceremony on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame (additional pics of Paris and Kathy here).

Congratulations to George

The year long quest for a Grammy may be over, but we wanted to send thanks to all of those who bought Kathy's album and will buy it, and who supported it. Congratulations to the late George Carlin. Kathy was nominated for best Comedy album, an award presented last weekend at the LA Convention Center. Complete list of nominations.

3-2-1, Here The Stars Come...

Kathy will be honored with the 321st Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars (which is at 172 N. Palm Canyon Drive) at 1:00 pm PACIFIC on Sat March 7, 2009. The event is open to the public and Robert Alexander, President of the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, promises surprises.

Special Vetdogs Event at MSG Shows

America’s VetDogs provides guide and service dogs to disabled veterans of all eras, including those returning home from the war on terrorism. If you are interested in helping with the cause please goto Kathy will be providing special coverage of the charity during her Madison Square Garden shows. We hope to see you there. Our thoughts and wishes go out to all of our troops and their families. Happy Holidays from Kathy.

Kathy awarded second straight Emmy

We are excited to announce that Kathy has won her second straight Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program for her work on My Life on the D-List. The Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards were held Saturday Sept 13th in LA, and a second trophy joined Team Kathy.

At the podium Kathy said "Well, well, well! Here we go again, f---ers. Here we go again!....Hanks, Gandolfini -- what the f---! I'm not going to tell anyone to suck it. I would make love to this thing if I could."

Winner of Kathy's YouTube Contest Announced

We would like to thank the tons of fans who sent us entries over the last month and a half. View some of them here. After some furious voting, the official winner of our Youtube contest was Rosanne out of CT (winning video). She and "JC" are scheduled to meet Kathy in Feb. Thanks for entering all!


Kathy will appear on the two-hour special, "America United: In Support of Our Troops," airing SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

The star-studded lineup of performers and celebrities also includes Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Pam Anderson, Toby Keith, Jessica Simpson and comedian Carlos Mencia. "America United: In Support of Our Troops" is an opportunity for the nation to show its appreciation for the troops and military families. For more information on the special click here.


A few months ago we rocked through the celeb stuffed bear community by placing the most bids and the highest bid for charity. Those furry guys didn't know what hit em. Same deal now, only its jeans.

Kelloggs is auctioning off a dozen pairs of jeans for the United Way and Kathy is among them. Show Courteney Cox, Eva Longoria and Jennie Garth what we did to those bears. Auction ends Sept 12th. Remember its all for charity, so bid now and bid often.


As you have read here, Kathy is on a quest to win a Grammy, a story which will play out during the entire new season of The D-List. However, ironically, the GLAAD awards seem to have beaten us to the punch.

Team Griffin walked the red carpet with Kathy for the first time in history as Kathy won a surprise GLAAD award at the 19th GLAAD Media Awards show. Described by Tiffany as a very surreal experience, Kathy brought out her mom to open the show as a surprise guest. All involved were totally shocked when they were later announced as the Outstanding Reality Series winner. Kathy was not expecting to win at all (press release).

Further adding to the surprises was an announcement from Bravo that they are picking up and airing the awards show, which will be aired on June 27th. And did we mention we've got exclusive pictures of the event.


What's better than two emu's and a kangaroo? Kathy Griffin with her shirt off during an Air New Zealand flight. Yes...that is what the attendant call button was meant for.

You don't expect a performance when you ask for peanuts, but this was the "Pink Flight" and Kathy sure gave one. After landing in Australia, Kathy and Carson Kressley visited the Gay Mardi Gras parade before kicking back with Lance Bass on the way to the Sydney zoo. And that's just for starters. visit the gallery.


Bravo cameras were rolling as Kathy Griffin turned minister, flying out from California to make one New York couple very happy. Ordained "online" by the Universal Life Church, she had to complete additional New York paperwork to make it all official. How did it go? You'll see it soon in season 4 (complete article).


Kathy and the staff rocked out New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper, and we've got you an exclusive view. The night also marked the first official shooting of season four. (exclusive gallery).

GOLD GOES QUITE WELL WITH RED...EMMY WIN site. Hell yes. Welcome to the home of the EMMY AWARD WINNING KATHY GRIFFIN. If you have not heard yet, Kathy and the gang have picked up the Emmy for best reality series during the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards. Kathy didn't take long to slip into red carpet mode after the announcement with what will go down as one of the best quotes in Emmy history, "Can you believe this shit? Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god now."

Yes, we can believe this shit Kathy. And it rocks. And all you fans rock. Thanks to all who have supported Kathy through the years of making The D-List. Let the party begin. Complete details about all the PT Emmy Winners can be viewed from this link (pdf format).

GALLERY: Team Griffin just uploaded some very special pictures that they want to share with you. Take a look.


Shortly after the Emmy win, we opened up the phone lines to see what you had to say. Here is a very small sampling of your thoughts and wishes. Many thanks to ALL who participated (launch). It was wonderful to hear your voices.


We could set this up, but it would not do the clip justice. The only question is, "Is YouTube video considered a tax deduction...Cause the girl didn't get slips." Watch and laugh.


The spring and summer tour is ramping up. The first stops will take Kathy through a special triple set of dates in New England visiting Uncasville, Lowell and Boston. Make sure to check out the tour page as these locations tend to sell out fast. Also look for a 4-set of dates at the Borgata later in the month (check all dates).

Tickets winners: Thanks for all those who entered Kathy's Mohegan Sun ticket give-a-way including the dude at right, who btw did win. The entries have officially closed as of this time and winners are being announced exclusively in our forums. Didn't enter? There is always next time. Make sure to join our forums and participate for special inside information and future opportunities.


In what has become a yearly (or bi-yearly) ritual, on Oct 20th Kathy performed with cameras rolling to a packed house in Chicago. Bravo was there with their crews, ramping up Kathy's latest special which is now revealed to be called Straight to Hell.

Now, we don't know who is going straight to hell, and we don't know what they will be sucking on their journey, however, we can tell you that launch night is officially November 29th (9pm). Please make sure to check Bravo's listings as the date nears.

Update: Link to official press release from NBC.


Kathy recently gave away 10 tickets to her fans to her last Madison Square Garden show. We would like to thank all who entered. It was an incredible response. The winners were announced on January 17th and are as follows:

Michelle Torres and guest
Geoffrey Hefflefinder and guest
Ryan Christopher and guest
Pauly (Kathy forum member) and guest
Concord Ruth (Kathy forum member) and guest


In her latest article E-online's Kristin Korbi, who's made a name for herself in recent months by spearheading audience attention to shows outside of the mainstream, confesses that she can't get enough of The D-List this summer, calling it one of the highlights the 2007 season. (to full coverage)

Kristin has nominated The D-List for Reality Show Of the Year in her Tater Tops 2007. Make sure to cast your vote for Kathy now!


They did it. They finally went over the edge and did it. Lance Bass invited them to a friendly party October 31st, but the night would not end without shackles, blood and screams. Millions rejoice, finally, the D-4 are behind bars. Lance, you can have your party back now. Our apologies! (gallery).


Why did Rosie leave The View and how did Kathy spend her day before her big Borgata Casino event. If you had a ticket, you knew the we all can listen in: People article.


A quick little bump that Kathy will be on the Tyra Banks show twice in June (Exclusive preview picture). Update: the dates have been announced as Tuesday June 12th and Tuesday June 26th 2007. Please check local listings for your time and channel.


What is all the buzz floating around a recent dinner engagement between Kathy and former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter? Hmmm, we're not sure but TMZ has a clip. Enjoy.


"Thank you for all of your lovely comments and inquiries about my Dad. He passed away Saturday, February 17th 2007 at 2pm here in L.A. He had a very far reach in this world and is already missed by so many.

His ascerbic, rapier wit and true heart of gold made for a wonderful combination in a great man. He died from complications due to congestive heart failure AND multiple myeloma. Please keep my mom and my siblings in your thoughts and prayers. What can I say? I just loved him so much."

XXOO Kathy G

Kathy, her mother and family have chosen the following charity to help honor him. They ask that anyone wishing to put in a donation to honor John Griffin do so at the following link: American Heart Association Once again we would like to thank you all for the stream of good wishes and thoughts over the past year. They are so appreciated.


April 4th a very excited Kathy participated in the Larry King 50 Years in Broadcasting Toast. Among the others in attendance were Dr Phil, Jane Fonda, Suzanne Somers and Bill Maher. The special Larry King will air on CNN April 20th. Exclusive photos in our galleries area.

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